Historical Fiction Book Report

Historical Fiction Book Report
Due: Wednesday, November 27, 2013
For this book report, you must answer the following questions on another
sheet of paper. You may type or hand-write your answers; double space your
text. The answers must be complete, thoughtful, and cite examples from the
book. This means your answers will be at least 1-2 paragraphs each. Each
question is worth ten points.
Please put the title and author of the book at the top of your answers. Be sure
your format for the title is correct. As usual, you will also be graded on your
grammar and sentence structure.
1. When does the story take place? What is the historical significance of the
2. Based on your reading, how is life in this period different from life today?
3. Who is the main character on this story? How did the historical event or
time period affect the character’s life?
4. What are the conflicts in the story? How are the conflicts resolved?
5. Choose a character/person from another time period. How would he/she
react to the same conflicts?
6. Using examples from your book, explain this statement: “Historical
fiction can sometimes give you a better understanding of a time in
history than a history book can.”
7. What is the theme of your book? What “hidden message” is the author
trying to send the reader about this historical event or time period?
8. Could this story take place during another time or in another place?
9. Give a few examples of the different dialects used in the story. How do
the dialects affect the story?
Would you like to trade places with the main character, or would
like to have lived during this time period? Why or why not?
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