Spelling for Big Bushy Mustache

Spelling for Big Bushy Mustache
1. town
2. house
3. sour
4. frown
5. cow
6. clown
7. found
8. how
9. towel
10. brown
11. could
12. should
Challenge words: costume, soldier, tough, disappear, discover, disguise,
Word Wall Words: found, outside, how, was, where
1. I went to town and found a clown with a big frown.
2. How could we wash the brown towel?
3. Should the cow sleep in the house?
4. That apple was so sour!
Monday: Write your spelling words 3 times each in ABC order.
Tuesday: Copy the sentences and challenge words.
Wednesday: Copy the sentences again or write your own using all of the
spelling words.
Thursday: Take a practice spelling test of the sentences and write any words
you missed three times each.