Unit 4 Understandig Sentences and Paragraphs

Understanding Sentences and Paragraphs: Literacy Unit 4- 3rd Grade
Reading Unit: Understanding Sentences in Reading and Paragraph Power
Unit Targets:
 Comprehension Strategies: background knowledge; connections; predictions; retelling;
visualizing; making inferences; questioning/wondering
 Genre Knowledge: (short stories and articles) problem/solution text structure
Writing Unit: Strengthening Sentences in Writing and Paragraph Power
Unit Targets:
 Process: collecting ideas; drafting; revising/rewriting; editing; publishing
 Trait: story ideas; organization; sentence fluency
 Craft: leads and endings
Grammar and Usage:
Unit Targets:
 Temporal words and phrases; Explain the function of transitions in general and in particular
 Plural Subject/verb agreement; Explain the function of nouns and verbs in general and in
particular sentences
 Simple, compound, and complex sentences
Phonics/ Word Study
Unit Targets:
 Homographs
 Past tense
 Forming words by adding –er
 Words with silent letters
 Prefixes and suffixes
Unit Targets:
 Follow Sitton Spelling Units
*Targets reflect the explicit teaching that will occur during the unit and opportunities for student application and
practice. Teachers should look for evidence of previously taught target goals in ongoing student work.
**Use Fountas & Pinnell’s The Continuum of Literacy Learning to provide further specifics in regards to the
above targets. Refer to the Grade 3 tab to inform your whole group mini-lessons. Refer to the Guided Reading
Level tab to inform your small group and individual teaching.