Teacher Observation Reflection Paper

Teacher Observation Reflection Paper Assignment - Please type the following reflective
questions in complete sentences. Use correct grammar and spelling. Be specific in your
responses and use examples.
Standard 1: Knowledge of Content
How was the content of the lesson connected to the life experiences of the students?
Give one example as to how the teacher addressed a student misconception of the
lesson’s content.
Standard 2: Designs/Plans Instruction
What organizational preparations do you think that the instructor had to make in order to
teach this particular lesson?
Standard 3: Creates/Maintains Learning Climates
Teachers often give positive feedback to students in either verbal or nonverbal ways.
In fact, the ratio of positive to negative feedback should be at least 4 to 1. For example,
a teacher may orally compliment a student for a good answer or simply smile.
Describe the ways that the teacher gave positive feedback to the students.
Standard 4: Implements/Manages Instruction
Comment about some of the techniques and/or methods that the teacher used in order to
convey information to his or her students.
Standard 5: Assesses and Communicates Learning Results
What type of assessments were used to measure student understanding of the lesson, i.e.,
verbal questions, handouts, assignments, etc.?
Standard 6: Demonstrates Implementation of Technology
What use(s) of technology did you observe in the lesson? What evidence of technology
was present in the classroom?
Standard 7: Reflects and Evaluates Teaching/Learning
Based upon your observation of today’s lesson, would you consider teaching at this grade
Standard 8: Collaborates with Colleagues/Parents/Others
Describe any evidence that the lesson was created or taught through collaboration with
fellow colleagues/parents/others.
Standard 9: Engages in Professional Development
How did today’s observation help you to develop as a future teacher?
Standard 10: Provides Leadership within the School
Did you observe leadership behavior while you were visiting in the schools? If so, what
behavior and from whom?
*All criteria must be met in order to receive a “1”.
The student wrote the answers using complete sentences.
Less than three errors were made concerning correct grammar and spelling.
The student was specific in his or her answers.
The student included examples.
Complete sentences were not used to answer the questions.
The paper contained more than three grammatical and/or spelling errors.
Answers were not specific in nature.
Examples were not used.