Due Date:
The Neolithic Age Review
Please read pages 41-46 and use your notes to answer the following:
1. What was another name for the Neolithic Age?
2. When did the Neolithic Age occur?
3. How did the way people live change during the Neolithic Age?
Farmers and Herders:
4. What two important discoveries brought on the Neolithic Revolution?
5. How was agriculture discovered?
6. How did herding impact food availability?
7. Define domesticated.
Early Villages:
9. Describe early villages using at least three specific details:
10. Where were the earliest villages known found?
11. Describe a Catul Huyuk Village (list any FIVE characteristics)
12. What is specialization?
13. Give two examples of specialized jobs.
14. Why were village governments formed?
15. What was the job of the chief?
16. What duties was the village priest responsible for?
17. What did the gods and goddesses represent for Neolithic people?
18. Who was the most important Goddess, and what did she represent?