Dawn of Culture

Unit One
Part 2
The five factors have a cause and effect relationship on each other.
A change in one area leads to a change in another area.
 Why are some places more successful than others?
 What changes happened in the Neolithic to lead from
Hunting and Gathering tribes to Agricultural Towns
 How have we changed the ways we produce food and what
is the best way to feed 6.5 billion people?
Part Two: The Neolithic
Learning Expectations for this part of the unit.
LE1 Historical Connections. In Essay format you will explain why various
parts of the world have not developed as quickly as others due to the Neolithic
LE2 Historical Literacy: You will learn about the Neolithic Revolution and all the
changes it brought and be able to tell me about it on a written response test.
LE4: Time to write! You will write an essay to the prompt below using proper
purpose, organization, detail and voice.
Final Unit Assessment Prompt.
Jared Diamond is a scientist who wrote the books, “Guns, Germs and Steel” and
“Collapse: Why Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed”. While studying birds in
Papua New Guinea, he was asked a very important question by a man who was
working for him, named Jalli. While unloading boxes and boxes of equipment,
Jalli asked Jared, “Why is it that white man has so much cargo, and New Guineans
have so little?”. In short, what Jalli wanted to know was why do Americans have
so much stuff, and other people in the world don’t? Why is technology and
resources not equal around the world? Why did Europeans discover America and
not the other way around?
According to Jared Diamond’s theory, the answer to this question lies far back in
time. We must return to the change from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic and by the
time we are done you will be answer to answer Jalli’s question.