Name _____________________________
Unit 5 People
For each definition, identify the person being described. Except for Native Americans and
monarchs, people have full names that are capitalized. All names need to be spelled
1. ____________________________ American general who helped the Americans be
victorious at the Battle of Saratoga, later in 1780, upset
over his lack of recognition for his efforts he agreed to
turn over the American fort at West Point to the British
2. ____________________________ British general who launched an attack south from
Canada in 1777, which ended in the British defeat at
3. ____________________________ General in charge of British troops in the South, after
taking control of coastal towns in Georgia and the
Carolinas, moved north and established a base at
Yorktown, Virginia in 1781.
4. ____________________________ Spent most of the war in France trying to get an alliance
with the French, finally succeeded in 1778.
5. ____________________________ Spanish governor of Louisiana who attacked the British in
Florida and the lower Mississippi River area, kept the
British from attacking America from the South
6. ____________________________ American general who was victorious at Saratoga, but
when given command of the American army in the south
in 1780 was defeated
7. ___________________________
American naval commander who won fame in 1779 when
he defeated the Serapis off the coast of Britain famous for
saying, “I have not yet begun to fight!”
8. ___________________________
French nobleman who volunteered to serve in the
Continental Army for no pay, became a general in the
army, a park in Washington DC and a city in Louisiana
bear his name. His real name is Marie Joseph Paul Yves
Roche Gilbert du Mortier
9. ___________________________
His pamphlet called The American Crisis helped raised
spirits when the army was doing poorly
10. ___________________________ German officer who came to help the American cause in
1778, he trained the American to fight in lines and
columns and how to handle their weapons
11. ___________________________ Commander of the Continental Army who managed to
keep his army together long enough to get the British to
end the war
12. ___________________________ A Polish Jew, he was a successful merchant and banker
who supported the patriot cause through service as a spy
and through helping to finance the war with generous
donations of money that were never repaid.
You may need to use an outside source to identify the following people.
13.___________________________ Born a slave in Virginia; Marquis de Lafayette recruited
him as a spy for the Continental Army. He provided
Lafayette with vital information on British troop
movements that contributed to the American victory at
14. ___________________________ The wife and sister of Massachusetts Patriots; she
anonymously wrote several propaganda plays and
poems supporting the Patriot cause. She also wrote one
of the first histories of the Revolution.
15. ___________________________ African American patriot and member of the Newmarket,
NH committee of safety. He, like Paul Revere, he made
an all-night ride back from Boston to warn his
community of the impending British invasion in 1775;
served in the army and fought at the Battles of Saratoga