Internet Research Quiz

Internet Research Quiz
Use the Internet to discover the answers to the following questions Make a note of the answers in a new Microsoft Word document. Type the
question, the answer and copy and paste the link where you found the answer.
You can also type which search engine you used and what exactly you typed.
 What is the capital city of Argentina?
Answer - Buenos Aires
Web Link -
Search engine - Google ”capital city argentina”
1. What country won the FIFA World Cup in 1938?
2. Where was Brad Pitt born?
3. Where is Wagga Wagga? (Country)
4. When did WWII start?
5. What is the longest river in the world and how long is it?
6. In what ocean are the islands of Hawaii?
7. For what reason is Alexander Bell famous?
8. What is the full name of former Brazilian footballer Pelé?
9. When and where was the first rugby world cup held?
10. Where were the Olympics held in 1912?
11. In what COUNTY is Aberystwyth?
12. What sport do the Toronto Maple Leafs play?
13. In which American city is the White House?
How tall is Mount Everest?