Meteorology SG #4


Meteorology SG #4 Name: _______________

1. identify the definition and the cause of wind.

A. Wind is the movement of air from a high pressure area to a low pressure area.

B. All winds are caused by differences in air pressure.

The differences in air pressure is caused by unequal heating of Earth’s surface.

2. Identify the direction by which air masses move.

The prevailing westerly winds push air masses in the US from west to east.

3. identify the definition of air mass.

It is a huge body of air that has similar temperature and humidity.

4. identify the definition of a front.

Areas where air masses meet and do not mix.

Extra Info: In military terms front means a battle field where opposing armies meet.

5. identify the differences between 3 weather fronts,

and how each affects the weather.

Cold front forms when cold air moves underneath warm up forcing the warm air to rise. Brings cold, dry air to the area.

Warm front forms when warm air moves over cold air. Brings warm, humid air.

Stationary front forms when cold and warm air masses meet but neither has enough force to move the other. It may bring days of clouds and precipitation.

6-8. Identify each type of front based on the diagram provided.

Cold Front Warm Front Stationary Front

9. answer questions by looking at a weather map.

See the back of the studyguide.

10. Identify how thunderstorms form.

When warm, humid air rises is forced upward by a cold front, it cools forming tall storm clouds OR on hot, humid afternoons, the warm air rises quickly forming tall storm clouds.