Weather Front Notes

Weather Front Notes
Weather Front: boundary that forms when air masses of different temperature,
and moisture meet
Warm Front: warm air mass overrides a cold air mass
 Warm less dense air rises above cold air,& gradually replaces cold air
 Weather: clouds, light rain or snow in winter can occur
Cold Front: cold air mass pushes warm air mass
 Dense cold air slides under the lighter warm air pushing it upward
 Weather: dense clouds, thunderstorms, heavy rain or snow can occur
Occluded Front: faster moving cold air mass overtakes slower moving warm
air mass
 Weather: cool temperatures and large amounts of rain or snow
Stationary Front: when two air masses move close to one another, but
neither has enough force to move the other
 Weather: rain, snow, fog and clouds.
Convections Currents: circulating flow of air or water; heated air or water rising
until it is cools then falling until it is heated again