Concept 1: Sample

TCSS Earth Systems Sample Assessment Items
Unit 5 – Concept 1 Atmosphere and Meteorology
SES5. Students will investigate the interaction of insolation and Earth systems to produce weather
and climate.
b. Explain the relationship between air masses and the surfaces over which they form.
c. Relate weather patterns to interactions among ocean currents, air masses, and topography.
d. Describe how temperature and precipitation produce the pattern of climate regions (classes) on Earth.
Atmosphere and Meteorolgy
Multiple Choice
Use the weather forecast to answer the questions
____ 1.
What front is being forecast for this state?
a. cold front
c. stationary front
b. warm front
d. occluded front
____ 2.
What type of air was at point A and point B to produce this front?
a. Cold air at point A and warm air at point c. Cold air at point A and cold air at point B
b. Warm air at point A and cold air at point d. Warm air at point A and warm air at point
____ 3.
Low-pressure systems are usually associated with ____ weather.
a. cold and dry
c. sunny and dry
b. cloudy and rainy
d. warm and humid
Short Answer
4. Describe the formation of clouds.
Use the graph to answer the following questions.
5. Do air pressure and temperature change in the same way with altitude? Explain your answer.
Use the picture to answer the questions.
6. By looking at these clouds, what can be inferred about the air mass? Explain your reasoning.
7. Describe how winds help to overcome imbalances in the heating of Earth’s surface.
8. Describe how a cool, dry air mass can modify into a warm, moist air mass.
9. Explain how air masses form, and how they help redistribute energy on Earth’s surface.
10. Describe the formation and location of jet stream.