Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering
Day 1: Today we will begin a study related to structural engineering. Our study will
begin with gathering information about structures.
1. Locate textbook Technology Interactions (yellow text). Read pages 60 thru 75.
2. Define the following terms.
structural engineer
civil engineer
3. Figure 3-5 on page 63 is a photo of the Alaskan Pipeline. Follow this link and
answer these questions about the Alaskan Pipeline:
a. How long is the Alaska pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Boundary Lake?
b. What is the pipeline diameter?
Thank you save your work and return your textbooks and notebooks to the appropriate
Day 2: Today we will take a look at the four types of internal forces. On page 63 (figure
3-4) we are given examples of compression, tension, torsion, and shear. Read the
descriptions of these forces.
1. Follow this link for examples of these eternal forces. These examples should
help you understand how these forces affect different structures.
Click on Forces/Moments. Go through each example.
Complete the Forces worksheet.
What is the difference between wood and engineered wood?
What is steel made of?
What is concrete made of?
What are the major advantages concrete?
Read pages 68 thru 72. Follow this link and take a quiz on bridges.