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EWB’s Mission: to address international development challenges through
design and implementation of sustainable engineering projects
Perú Program (2011-Present): Building a potable water system in La
Pitajaya (in two phases) to replace the polluted Rio Moche as a source of
drinking water
Aims for Summer 2013 Trip
For Alta
July-August 2013: Phase 2
of Implementation
Completion of the Alta
water system
 Trenched and laid remaining 2 km of
main pipeline
 ~1km distribution pipeline to
 Installation of Reservoir tank
 Pressure break tank
 A tapstand at every household
Maintenance of water system
training for select members of the
Water Committee
A completed tapstand!
July-August 2013:
Two potential sources: one with
flow rate of 0.05 L/s; other with
flow rate of 0.22 L/s
Water samples sent in for
quality testing
Monthly updates of water flow
from community members
Altitude, GPS and distance
measurements re-taken at both
sources and along potential
pipeline routes
Potential sites for source
capture, spring box, reservoir
tank and pressure breaks
Meeting with residents of Baja
Project in Samne School:
◦ 13 lesson plans concerning
water, health, and
environmental issues to be
integrated into existing
◦ Will continue partnership
with school this year
Community Contacts
With the Director of the Samne School
Collaborated with local NGOs
and Peace Corps Volunteers
to strengthen community
On-site communication
with community members
Rocky sections of
pipeline route that were
Locating and removing
blockages and/or minor
breakages in pipeline
Installment of Tee’s
Installment of Check-valves
Complete parts list
Conducting survey with community to assess
Deeper insight into
Experience of
working in
Our Career paths
Jonathan Glassman, graduate student mentor
Nolan Pereira, on-site technical mentor
Don Moris, on-site technical mentor
The Keller Center
Princeton Environmental Institute