Biz Plan Template.

Business Plan Template
CARMa Venture Services (P) Ltd
Executive Summary
Less than 500 words brief about:
What is your offering?
What is the pain point it addresses?
Who is your customer?
What is your Management Team?
How much money do you need?
How much money do you make?
What is your offering?
• What is your offering
• A brief about your industry
• Your Vision & Mission statement
What is the pain point it addresses?
• What is the pain point your offering
• Are you a prime mover or are there other
• What is your value proposition? Why should
people buy from you?
• Who are your competitors and what is their
competitive edge?
• How are you different?
What is your Location?
• What is your office location?
• What office infrastructure do you need?
• Will it be a virtual or physical office?
Who is Your Customer?
• Detailed demographic description of your
• Put a face to your customer
• Identify who is NOT your customer?
Who is your Management Team?
• Who is your Founding Team
• People currently on board and people you
need to hire. Corporate Organogram defining
positions, roles and responsibilities
• Advisory Board
Marketing Plan (1/2)
• Have you done detailed market research?
• Do you know certainly that this is your
• What is your competitor’s strategy?
• What is your strategy and why?
Marketing Plan (2/2)
• Are you going directly to end user or are you
using a marketing channel?
• How are you going to reach out to your
• What collaterals have you created to
communicate with your customer ?
• What Social Media technologies are you using
for customer acquisition?
Current Status
• Is your product ready?
• Have you started operations?
• Have you got your first paid customer?
• When will your first revenue come?
• When will you get your first 100 paying
• What top and bottomlines would you achieve
in Year 1, 2 and 3?
• What all partnerships would you like to
establish in next 3 years?
• Are you looking at organic or inorganic
How much money do you need?
• How much money do you need and why?
• What is your Capital and Revenue
• How do you plan to raise the capital?
How much money do you make?
• How much money will you make?
 Three-year profit and loss projection
 Three-year cash-flow projection
 Three-year projected balance sheet
• What are the opportunities?
• What is your industry growth rate?
• What new opportunities do you foresee?
• What are the risks in reaching your revenue
targets due to?
Changes in regulations?
Changes in Global economy
Highly fragmented market
Weak innovation pipeline due to specialized
 Not getting right resources for specialized work
• What partnerships are you looking at and
• Is partnership because you don’t have
competency or is it the way you would like to
• Do you plan to outsource your non-core
Innovation Pipeline (1/2)
• What is your innovation pipeline for?
More products in your existing offering
Improved operational efficiency
Newer market segments
Better pricing
New product in diversified domains
Using technology for productivity improvements
Using technology for marketing and branding
Innovation Pipeline (2/2)
• What product improvements do you envisage
in next 3 years?
• What all technology innovations do you plan
to improve productivity?
Revenue Model
• What are the direct sources of revenue?
• What other ways for monetization are