Skills Checklist

Skills Checklist
Employability Pipeline Stage 3
The Keen4Work programmes set up under Aberdeen City Council’s Family Firm policy, and now run in
partnership with Action for Children, are invaluable opportunities for young people who are or have been
looked after. The programme can give the young person practical and transferrable work experience skills
in addition to studying an SVQ Certificate of Work Readiness.
To ensure a young person can succeed in taking part in the programme they are required to be at stage 3
on the Employability Pipeline. At this stage, young people are supported to develop the skills and
knowledge they will need to compete in the labour market.
In order to assess the readiness of the young person to take part in the programme please evidence the
Basic timekeeping
Understand what the role is and expectations
Demonstrate the attributes and behaviours desired by employers (e.g. initiative and flexibility)
Basic IT, literacy and numeracy skills
Team work
Commitment to see the programme through
Able to communicate issues or concerns before they escalate
Able to deal with work situations
Basic health and safety awareness
Young Person:
Key worker / Social Worker:
Proposed programme department:
Proposed Start date:
Additional Information which may be of help in supporting a work experience placement