Genetics Vocabulary

Genetics Vocabulary
1. inherited trait- a genetic characteristic passed from the
parent organisms to the offspring
2. DNA- material found in the nucleus of cells that determines
the genetic traits of the organism
3. gene- part of DNA found on a chromosome that contains
information for a specific inherited trait
4. allele- one of a pair of genes that determines a specific
genetic trait
5. phenotype- the actual physical properties of an organism
(height, weight, hair color)
6. genotype- a written code that expresses the inherited
combination of alleles in an organism (CC, Cc, cc)
7. heredity- passing of genetic traits from parent to offspring
8. Dominant Trait- the characteristics visible when at least
one dominant allele for a trait is inherited
9. Recessive Trait- a characteristic that is visible only when
two recessive alleles for the same trait are inherited
10. Homozygous- an organism that carries two dominant or
two recessive alleles for a particular trait (tt, TT)
11. Heterozygous- an organism that carries both a dominant
and a recessive allele for a particular trait (Tt)
12. Sexual Reproduction- reproduction that requires two parents
and produces offspring that will share characteristics of both
13. Asexual reproduction-reproduction in which single parent
produces offspring that are identical to the parent