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B2 6 Inheritance
Dr Barker
6. Deoxyribose nucleic acid, the material of inheritance.
8. Undifferentiated cells with the potential to form a wide variety of different
cell types.
10. The characteristic that will only show up in the offspring only if both of the
alleles are inherited.
13. A version of a particular gene.
14. Male sex organs which produce sperm and sex hormones.
15. The female sex cells, eggs.
16. Diseases which are inherited.
1. A genetic disease that affect the lungs, digestive and reproductive systems. It
is inherited through a recessive allele.
2. Involves using cells from an adult person to produce a cloned early embryo of
themselves as a source of perfectly matched embryonic stem cells.
3. The characteristic that will show up in the offspring even if only one of the
alleles is inherited.
4. The cells produced by cell division.
5. Asexual cell division where two identical daughter cells are formed.
6. Specialised for a particular function.
7. Female sex organs which contain the eggs and produce sex hormones during
the menstrual cycle.
9. The chromosomes which carry the information about the sex of an individual.
11. The male sex cells.
12. The two-stage process of cell division which reduces the chromosome number
of the daughter cells. It is involved in making the gametes for sexual
17. People who have a single recessive allele for a genetic disease.
Dr Barker