Page References in All the Pretty Horses

Page References for specific thematic concerns in All the Pretty Horses
Following are page references that address certain thematic concerns in All the Pretty
Horses. The list is by no means complete, so if you have a passage that you would like to
include that is not listed please feel free to do so. Your group will be asked to focus on
one of the specific areas (a subject has been identified for you in each case). With your
specific focus, please do the following:
1. Revisit each of the pages listed and determine the critical words/lines that relate to
your focus.
2. Integrating specific examples from the text, write a statement for each of the
passages that explains what the passage suggests about your focus.
3. Write a thesis that makes a clear and succinct statement regarding what McCarthy is
suggesting about your focus in this novel (theme).
The nature of the relationship between John Grady Cole and horses
Pg. 6, Pg. 23, Pg. 103, Pg. 105, Pg. 107, Pg. 127-8, Pg. 161, Pg. 263
The nature of evil and how it finds expression in the acts of humankind
Pg. 26, Pg. 76, Pg. 178-9, Pg. 184, Pg. 194, Pg. 200, Pg. 205
The correlation between blood, pain, and beauty
Pg. 5, Pg. 201, Pg. 230, Pg. 235, Pg. 239, Pg. 256-7, Pg. 282
The relationship between the past and the present
Pg. 7, Pg. 26, Pg. 254, Pg. 284, Pg. 286, Pg. 293, Pg. 299, Pg. 301
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