Theme 5 4th grade

Theme 5 Vocabulary 5th Grade
A Boy Called Slow
Page 472
U we: OO-way
Nihwa hwo: Nee-kwah HOO-who
Slon-he: sloh-Hay
wasicun: wahsh-EE-choo
travois: a sledge used by the Plains Indians consisting of a platform supported by two long
poles, the forward ends of which were fastened to a dog or horse
Shoog-Ton`kah: shoong-THAN-kah
Pages 474-475
raided: attacked for the purpose of taking property
respect: feelings of admiration and approval
reputation: what others think about the character and behavior of someone
Pages 476-477
inherited: received something from an ancestor
Tatan`ka lyota`ke: TAH-tah-kohn EE-yoh-tah-kay
Tatan`ka Psi`ca: TAH-tah-kohn pih-SEE-chan
Tatan`ka Winyu`ha Najin: TAH-tah-kohn wee-YOO-hah nah-JEEN
Tatan`ka Wanji`la: TAH-tah-kohn wahn-JEE-lah
Page 478
determination: the quality of being firm in carrying out one’s plans
Mitakola: mee-TAH-koh-lah
Page 480
Upelo: OO-pay-loh
coup stick: (Koo) a ling stick used for striking the enemy in battle
Hiyu`wo: hee-yoo-WOH
Page 482
Oh-hey: OH-hay
triumph: great victory
Hiyu`wo: hee-yoo-WHO
Draw from History
Page 488
pigments: substances used a coloring
ledger: a large book used for recording facts and figures
Kiowa: a group believed to have its origins in central Montana, and noted for keeping a written
history in the form of pictorial calendar
Pioneer Girl
Page 501
memoir: an account of the personal experiences of its author
prairie: a large area of flat or rolling grassland
Page 503
homestead: a farmhouse, its buildings, and the land it sits on
Page 505
discouraged: in low spirits and without hope
convinced: caused to believe
sod: a chink of grassy soil held together by matted roots
Page 507
fertile: rich in material needed to grow healthy plants
Pages 508-509
claim: a piece of land claimed by a settler
immigrants: people who leave their native country to settle in another country
Page 511
heifer: a young cow
Nicodemus Stales a Claim In History
Page 517
livery stable: a stable that boards horses and keeps horses and carriages for hire
Page 518
locusts: grasshoppers that travel in swarms and eat huge quantities of vegetation
Page 525
bluff: a high cliff or bank
Page 526
stallion: an adult male horse
mustangs: wild horses of the plains whose ancestors were horses brought from Spain
Page 526 continued
herd: a group of animals of a single kind
mares: female horses
Page 529
reared: stood on two hind legs
ravine: a narrow, deep valley, usually worn away by water
remorse: the unhappiness that comes with wishing that one had not done something
Page 535
milled: moved around in confusion
skittered: moved lightly and quickly
Page 538
quivering: shaking very rapidly
Home on the Range
Page 544
suffocating: preventing a person from breathing
Page 551
revolution: overthrow of a government
rugged: very rough and uneven
ravine: a long, deep, narrow gully; a gorge
Page 552
wounds: injuries in which the skin is broken
grief: intense sorrow caused by loss
mocking: ridiculing; sneering at
Pages 554-555
transformed: changed in appearance
notorious: well known for having a bad reputation
dictator: a ruler who has complete power over a country
bandit: an outlaw or robber
determination: firmness or purpose; resolve
urgently: in a manner that calls for immediate action
seized: took possession of by force
Page 557
condolences: expressions of sympathy for a death
rebel: having to do with people who resist authority
Pages 558-559
Villistas: Pancho Villa’s soldiers
plaza: a public square or similar open area in a town or city
bolts of manta: large rolls of coarse cotton cloth
frantic: greatly excited by fear, anger, or pain
boxcars: fully enclosed railroad cars used for carrying freight
detain: to keep from going on
refugees: people who, in times of trouble in their own country, flee in search of a safe place
Page 561
boardinghouse: a house where people pay for meals and lodging
boarders: people who stay in a boardinghouse
Page 562
daring: fearless bravery
Pages 566-567
lure: a strong attraction
appealing: interesting, attractive
impression: image that stays in the mind
passage: the right to travel on something, especially a ship
claims: pieces of land that people assert is their own
extract: to take out with effort
inhabitants: people who live in a certain place
resented: felt angry at
intimidation: the process of deliberately making people afraid
merchants: sellers of goods; storekeepers
transcontinental: going across a continent (in this case, North America)
credit: acclaim or approval
banned: made unlawful
hostility: the state of showing ill will toward