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SG Chp3 Sentences wksht #2

3rd SG Chp.3 Sentence Wksht #2
Name________________ #___ Date_________
1. The new puppy barked rather loudly.
2. The two girls sang so sweetly today.
3. The inexperienced pilot landed safely.
Practice 1: Put the end mark and abbreviation for each kind of sentence.
1. Sit down when you tie your shoelaces
2. Did you do well on your exam
3. He won every race
4. I’m leaving on my trip tomorrow
5. Cool down after the long race
Practice 2: Write a or an in the blanks.
1. I ate _____fresh strawberry 4. She wore ______bonnet.
2. He is _____ architect
5. Kate rode _____elevator.
3. We passed _____old farm
6. He owns ____motorcycle
7. _____ear
8. _____nickel
9. _____emerald
Practice 3: For each noun listed below, write S for singular or P for Plural.
1. Houses______
4. Flights_____
7. Children_____
2. gopher_______
5. Calf_____
8. Trees_____
3. men _______
6. Building_____ 9. Automobile_____
Practice 4: For each noun listed below, write C for common and P for proper
1. sister _____
2. David ______
3. Northern Oaks______ 4. school________
Reference 11: Question and Answer Flow Sentence
Question and Answer Flow: The three spirited horses ran quickly away.
1. What ran quickly away? Horses-SN
7. The-A
2. What is being said about horses? Horses ran-V
3. Ran how? Quickly-Adv
8. Period, statement, declarative sentence
4. Ran where? Away-adv
9. Go back to the verb-divide the complete
5. What kind of horses? Spirited-Adj
subject from the complete predicate.
6. How many horses? Three-Adj.
Classified Sentence:
The three spirited horses / ran quickly away. D