puzzle piece mystery book project - St. Agatha School

Mystery stories are written puzzles made for a reader. To complete this project, you will make a ninepiece puzzle that gives the reader clues about the story you have read independently. You will share this
project with classmates and retell your chosen Mystery Story.
Materials Needed
Poster board (can be a foam board, but will be challenging to cut!)
Coloring pencils or markers
1. Sketch out with a pencil 9 puzzle pieces on your poster board. (3 across and 3 down)
2. Number your pieces 1–9, place your initials on the back of each piece
3. Cut out each of the 9 pieces.
4. On piece #1 should be a creative display of the title and author of the book as well as your name.
5. Piece #2 should tell the reader about the main character and secondary characters in your book as well
as include a picture of the main character.
6. Piece #3 should tell the reader about the setting of the book.
7. Piece #4 should tell the reader the problem of the book.
8. Piece #5 should tell the reader about the main events of the book.
9. Piece #6 should tell the reader about the climax of the book.
10. Piece #7 should tell the reader three clues about the problem of the book.
11. Piece #8 should give a hint of the solution of the problem but not give away the ending.
12. Piece #9 should be your personal rating of the book.
: Best book ever read
: Top 5 favorite books
: Eh, So so
: Worst Book (Be ready to explain why!)
Try not to have any of the decorations hang over the edge of the puzzle piece, or the puzzle will
not sit flat.
 Please type the written portions or write in your best handwriting
 “Given FCA’s” are expected: Spelling, sentence structure, capitals, punctuation.
 On April 12, bring the puzzle into school “disassembled” in a grocery bag, gift bag or ziplock bag.
 You will be partnered with a classmate and have a chance to discuss your books and assemble each
other’s puzzles.
 Remember, it’s all about the effort!!!
Each Puzzle Piece will be 5 points
45 points
Overall appearance of the puzzle
5 points
Written portion of the story plot
adhering to familiar Collin’s FCA’s
10 points
Presentation and participation is
sharing puzzles and books