School council meeting on 27th April 2015

Council Attendees:
Principal Susan Warrick, Vice-Principal April Zeleny, Council Chair Moneet Dogra, Riyaz Patel, Kelly
Smith, Natalie Uroda
Meeting Minutes – 27th April 2015 at 6.15PM
1. Education week
a. Started with French Café served by junior class, fun event
b. Wellness day – gymnastic, cultural dancing, body mind and soul, healthy food
promoted, puzzle pieces, indoor/outdoor activities
c. Parent open house, celebration assembly, each class created puzzle piece and tweeted
2. EQAO parent night – good turnout with about 40 parents
3. Profession learning day – Ms. Cathy Marks Krpan coming to provide professional session for
teachers on Math curriculum changes-delete
4. Speech competition – one from each class, attended by trustee, finalist is competing for regional
competition. Voluntary for children
5. Number talks – On going, Math resources going to teachers on PD day
6. Peel Dance and Literacy and Values to Music Performance – exciting for students to be on stage
at living art centre
7. PRO grant – Application due for May 19th for next year. Get application in and refine it later.
Council chair will do the application.
8. New health curriculum – Speaking points
a. All Ontario schools (every board) to implement beginning September 2015
b. Parents resources available on website
c. Not new, but recently been updated
d. Info will be sent to parents, if not now, in September 2015
e. Board reviewing current process to doing it consistently at all schools
f. More info @ 1-800-387-5514 Ministry of Education
g. Training will take place in the spring of 2015
h. Parents have option not to send children to the class. More information and the process
will be available in fall.
i. All about keeping kids safe and preparing them
j. Teachers will not be teaching until approximately May/June 2016
k. Go online (Ministry of Education website) to research and
truly understand the curriculum at grade level
l. Curriculum is age appropriate and teachers will only teach what is in the curriculum
m. The board is committed to make sure parents know when curriculum is being taught to
their children
Next School Council Date: September 21, 2015