Mobile extraction facilities – the answer to multi

Mobile extraction facilities – the answer to multi-resistant
bacteria in our food?
At Biosynergy we are working on extending the idea of mobile facilities to other types of
processing. Along with the engineering academy in Odense we are developing a mobile
extraction facility for use in processing herbs for use in plant products.
The idea of a mobile extraction facility came about while working on another project – to
find natural herb-based alternatives to the antibiotics used in meat production. Research
shows that the bioactive ingredients in oregano, for example, can have the same effect. If
this idea is made available and taken up by the farmers, we have a solution for society’s
increasing problems with antibiotics resistant bacteria.
The mobile extraction facility will make it practically and financially possible for the
individual farmer to use plant-based medicine in his meat production. The oregano he can
grow himself, with the mobile extraction facility being driven into the field where the
bioactive compounds can be extracted in situ. By harvesting and processing then and
there, costs for transportation and drying can be removed, which would have been
incurred if this was to have been completed elsewhere. The fast process from harvest to
extraction also ensures an optimal level of bioactive compounds, the majority of which
would have been lost during the drying process.