Analysis of motion and shape variation in medical and

Speaker: Julian Mattes
Title: Analysis of motion and shape variation in medical and biological images
The analysis of the spatio-temporal dynamics of medical or biological objects is often
necessary to understand completely their function and their interaction with other objects.
Modern imaging technologies allow to acquire 3D image volumes of such objects (with a
resolution down to several hundred nm) in vivo and over time, hence the acquisition of 4D
image sequences. The extraction of the motion field in an acquired sequence as well as
the decomposition of the extracted motion (for instance, in global and local movements)
according to different potential sources are two important points towards the
comprehension of the underlying motion mechanisms. In this talk we present different
methods for motion determination (extraction), in particular registration techniques based
on a parametric motion model. Geometrical as well as statistical models are introduced.
Using similar techniques the variation of shape is determined. The concise quantitative
description and an easy-to-apprehend visualization of the extracted motion (or shape
variation) represent a third point which we discuss in this talk. It allows classifying the
motion of the same object for different individuals and, in a given application different
classes may be related to different disease patterns. Finally, the application of the
described techniques to several problems arising in biology (microscopic) and medicine
(macroscopic) is demonstrated.