Homework Documents 11-17-14 - Challenge Preparatory Charter

Second Grade
For the week of November 17,
Vocabulary- Write each vocabulary word 5 times each
Math- Worksheet (Module 2 Lesson 1 Part 1)
Science- Worksheet (Lesson 3 Lesson Check)
ELA- Worksheet (Fact & Opinion)
Math- Worksheet (Module 2 Lesson 1 Part 2)
Social Studies- Double-Sided Worksheet
Vocabulary- Write a telling or question sentence for each vocabulary
ELA- Worksheet (Past Tense Verbs)
Math- Worksheet (Module 2 Lesson 2 Part 1)
Vocabulary- Write your vocabulary words in alphabetical order.
ELA- Ready Book pages 62-63
Math- Worksheet (Module 2 Lesson 2 Part 2)
ELA- Ready Book pages 64-66
Math- Worksheet (Module 2 Lesson 2 Part 3)
Sneak Peek- Please read the story “One Grain of Rice” in your
Treasure’s Textbook and answer the comprehension questions that
follow in your homework notebook.
*Links for videos outlining our newest math unit (Module 2 Addition and Subtraction of Length Units)
are posted on your class webpage on the school website for your reference.
HOME-SCHOOL CONNECTION - Week of November 17, 2014
Informative/Explanatory Writing – Scholars will write
informative/explanatory texts in which they introduce a topic, use
facts and definitions to develop points, and provide a concluding
statement or section.
Ex: Every summer, Tony and his mother would cultivate
tomatoes and cucumbers in their garden.
2. Fertile- Rich in the materials or nutrients needed to produce
many strong, healthy crops
Ex: Because Trish’s farmland was so fertile, she always grew
the biggest crops in the county.
Main Selection: The Indus River Valley
Genre: Ancient Asian Civilizations
Scholars Will Be Able To:
 Identify that the main topic of the read-aloud is about the
Indus River Valley
 Describe the connection between the snow-covered
Himalayas, overflowing Indus River, and the fertile land of
the Indus Valley
 Describe how the Indus River was important to the
formation of the Indus River Valley civilization
 Compare the characteristics of the Indus River Valley
civilization to the characteristics of other ancient
 Describe how the Indus River was helpful and harmful to
the people of Mohenjo-daro
 Compare and contrast life during Sanjay’s time and
present-day living.
Cultivate- To grow and/or tend to a crop or plant
3. Indus River- The river at the center of the first civilization in
early India.
Ex: The Indus River flows through the countries of Pakistan and
4. Irrigation Canals-Ditches cut into the earth to direct water
where needed
Ex: The Egyptians used irrigation canals to move water from
the Nile River to their crops.
5. Permanent- Lasts and continues for a very long time. Does not
go away or change.
Ex: She carefully labeled all of her new school supplies with a
permanent marker.
6. Bustling- Full of activity; busy
Ex: The bustling supermarket was filled with people buying
food before the big storm.
7. Common- Belonging to or used by many people
Ex: The ancient city had a common well from which people got their
8. Nestles- Settles in snugly and comfortably
Ex: Kent’s new kitten nestles next to its mother when taking naps.
9. Recede-To move back or move away from a certain point
Ex: June watched the water recede from the beach and
leave behind beautiful seashells
10. Source-The start or cause of something
Ex: The sun is the source
Social Studies
*New York City Over Time*
This week scholars will be studying how and why explorers and
settlers came to New York and the contributions they made to its
Explorer- a person who travels to find new things
Settler- a person makes a home in a new place
Colony- a land ruled by another country
Christopher Columbus
Giovanni de Verrazano
Henry Hudson
Columbus Day
Verrazano Bridge
Hudson River
Addition and Subtraction of Length Units
*Technology & Tools*
This week scholar will explore different types of simple machines
and how they work. Simple machines to be covered include: Levers,
Inclined Planes, Pulleys, and Wedges.
Simple Machines- A tool with few or no moving parts.
Force- A push or a pull.
Lever- a simple machine with a bar that rests on a fulcrum
Fulcrum- a fixed point on which a lever turns.
Load- a mass or weight supported by something
Inclined Plane/ Ramp- A simple machine with a slanted surface
that helps you move things between lower and higher places.
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