Audio Record – Indus Valley Civilization Story Time

Indus Valley Civilization Story Time
Your group will do an audio recording. 2.30minutes – 5minutes
You learned a lot about the Indus River Valley civilization through the inferences you
made in class. By analyzing the artifacts found at Mohenjo-Daro archaeological site.
We learned about their economy (trade, currency, jobs, transportation), culture
(beliefs, gods, self-image, jewelry, clothing), society (government, hygiene),
buildings (bath, houses, windows), technology (transportation, structural design),
and many others.
Your job is to tell a story that shows your knowledge about the Indus River Valley.
Your purpose is to show your understanding you acquired through the inferences
you made. You should include many aspects of their civilization listed above.
All group members need to speak relatively equal amounts of time on your
Your recording should be no less than 2min 30 secs, and no more than 5 minutes.
Things to consider:
1) How will you tell the story? As a fairy tale? As a historian? As a first hand
account of a person in that civilization?
2) What voices will you use? Are you going to use your normal voice? Are you
going to change your voice?
3) Practice a recording first…is your voice too quiet or too loud? Can we hear
you? Can we understand your pronunciation?
Total Group Mark / 23
How you are evaluated
Content – Information, inferences are in depth and accurate, appropriate time
/ 10
Story – Logical, organized, makes sense, connects to the Indus river valley
Creativity – voices, story line, sound effects
Participation – All group members active & involved