Aequorea Victoria

Bioinformatics of Green Fluorescent Protein
Complete Tasks 1-4 of Part 1 and Task 1 of Part 2 of the Tutorial and answer the
following questions:
1. How many chains are there in the structure of Aequorea Victoria GFP ?
2. What is the molecular weight of the protein?
3. What method was used to determine the GFP structure?
4. Give a reference to the article where the molecular structure was published.
5. What types of protein secondary structures can be found in GFP?
6. How many α and β strands are there in the structure of GFP?
7. Name the first five amino acids in the peptide sequence.
8. Draw the structure of GFP chromophore.
9. List the first twelve nucleotides of the mRNA coding sequence for GFP.
10. Give a reference for the article reporting the coding sequence.