Friends of St Edward`s First School AGM 24th September 2015 at

Friends of St Edward’s First
Friends of St Edward’s First School
AGM 24th September 2015 at 7pm
St Edward’s First School, Parsonage Lane, Windsor, SL4 5EN
In Attendance
Collette Ijeoma
Sarah Hawkins
Deputy Head Teacher : Mrs Turver
Lucy Markham, Jackie McElroy, Paul Drake, Julianna Benetton, Serena de
Souza, Ellen Compton Williams, Lynsey Mcwhirter, Astrid Petrassi, Clara
Elliot, Mary Henigan, Cher Schouten, Antonio Diaz, Aine Sadler, Margarita
Echeverria, Kat Keogh, Juraj Folvarsky, Angela Mastraneloli, Lorena
Delgado, Sonya & Gary Wells
Rachel Colahan, Dominique Devereux, Mairead Eaton, Matt Eaton
1. Welcome Prayer and Introduction
Collette opened with a prayer and called the meeting to order.
2. Apologies for Absence
These have been received from the people listed above.
3. Review of last meetings minutes
All accepted – Noted that Aine Sadler thought it was a high price for a theatre trip at £13 per child and a large outlay
by the Friends. The figure of £3497 is actually the total amount with the Friends only contributing £807. See below.
4 Financial Review Financial Summary to end of August 2015 – All figures kindly provided by Sandra Mc Cann
Cash Available as of 31 August 2015 £12,212.00 (current and deposit accounts)
In the last year Income and Expenditure was a follows:
Opening Balance
Closing Balance
Petty Cash
Profit from Events
Cake Sales
Printed Raffle
Quiz Night
Sponsored Bounce
Summer Fun Day
Uniform Sale
Christmas Bazaar
Easy Funding Raising
Bank Interest
£ 592.00
£ 1,188.00
£ 615.00
£ 817.00
£ 2,762.00
£ 110.00
£ 2,587.00
£ 180.00
£ 564.00
£ 9,450.00
Friends of St Edward’s
Registered Charity No: 1131010
Ongoing Commitments
School Trips
Playground Maintenance
Theatre Trip Friends Contribution
Leavers Books
Communion Lunch
Leavers Party
Sports Day Lollies
KS 2 Yrs 3 & 4 High Vis Vests
Funding Required 15/16
£ 500.00
£ 807.00
£ 350.00
£ 100.00
£ 400.00
£ 210.00
£ 4,767.00
4. Fund Raising Target and Future Events 2015/2016
A fund Raising Target was not agreed however with ongoing commitments of approx. £7000 the target would
have to be in the region of about £10,000.00.
4.1 Quiz Night – Friday 23 October – Tickets on sale at £5.
Rachel will be the quiz master as in previous years and the License has been requested. Astrid has kindly offered
to source some wine on a sale or return basis so we can hopefully make a good profit. Mrs Matthews had
offered her infamous Chilli but the idea of bring your own nibbles has been decided.
4.2 Christmas Cards
Miss Stone is in charge of this and has confirmed that the designs will be sent home with each child on The
Friday of Half Term. All orders and designs to be returned by the Tuesday 3 November
4.3 Cake Sale – After school on Friday 23 October – School Hall – Please mark boxes and lids if you are dropping
cakes off. Homemade and shop brought all are welcome. Class Reps to organise people to man the stalls.
4.4 Christmas Disco – Confirmed as the Monday 14 December – £2 Each Child. Disco booked. Fledglings disco will be
during the school day. KS1 -4.00pm-5.15pm KS2 5.30pm -6.45pm. The hall to be used as a waiting area from
4.5 Christmas Bazaar - Saturday 5 December 12-3pm.
Lots of positive vibes about this year’s event. A sub-committee has been formed Astrid, Clara, Lucy, Mary, Julianna to
name a few, so that companies can be approached and planning started well before Half term. It was agreed to
invite some external stalls. Have a flyer made and circulated for longer before the event. The idea of a Golden Ticket
(money in a bucket) also discussed. Meeting in the Alma pub – see dates below – update at next Friends Meeting.
4.6 Other Fundraising dates
Friday 4 December Mufti for fayre – Children bring items for sweet or bottle tombola & don’t wear uniform to school
Tuesday 15 December – Christmas jumper day – this has been changed
Curry night – TBC.
5. Succession and Planning of new committee members
Chairperson Collette Ijeoma Stepped down as per protocol – She stepped back up and was Seconded by Lucy
Vice Chair – Lucy Markham was nominated by Sarah Hawkins and Seconded by Lynsey McWhirter.
Treasurer – Sarah Hawkins nominated herself and was seconded by Paul Drake – However she was subsequently
approached by Antonio Diaz who like Juraj has excellent accounting skills to be Treasurer so Sarah stepped aside
and Antonio and Juraj will jointly organise the accounts. Seconded by Collette and Lucy and discussed with Mrs
Vice Treasurer – Juraj Folvarsky nominated himself and was seconded by Collette Ijeoma.
Secretary – no one stepped forwards on the night so as Sarah Hawkins stepped aside of Treasurer she has
maintained the role – Seconded by Collette Ijeoma.
Vice Secretary – Kat Keogh has come forward for this position. That’s a Full House !!!
Friends of St Edward’s
Registered Charity No: 1131010
5.1 PTA UK – Membership to be renewed
5.2 Friends ‘Adpoted PTA Constitution – Keep as previous. This was read out form previous minutes and agreed.
Fundraising for the educational and social enhancement of all pupils of St Edward's Catholic First School’. Fundraising
for the educational enhancement of all pupils of St Edward's Catholic First School’. This is also listed under our
activities on the charity commission website.
Also, the 'Objects' in our constitution, which we have adopted: The object of the association is to advance the
education of pupils in the school, in particular by:
2.1 Developing effective relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school
2.2 Engaging in activities or providing facilities or equipment which support the school and advance the education of
the pupils.
6. AOB
6.1 Theatre Trips – The school is going to the Theatre at South Hill Park and see Sleeping Beauty.
Cost per child £12.33. Overall cost £3497 Parents to be asked to pay £10 each child. Friends to only pay £807.
Aine Sadler thought it was a high price for a theatre trip at £13 per child and a large outlay by the Friends> Her
concerns were for families with siblings (of which there are 45 in the school out of 269 Children) especially with
siblings and has requested we address the idea that parents should not feel they must pay this £10 per child but
could the Friends pay for certain families instead. Miss Turver to look into this
6.2 Playground Markings – Miss Turver confirmed that school have been able to use the Sports Grant for this which
leaves the Friends able to think of something else work towards. Following on from that the idea of the staff
having a wishing tree in the courtyard where they add labels as to what they want purchasing e.g cameras.
6.3 Mic Stand – Friends to maybe purchase a stand for on the lectern in Assembly so that the children could be
heard clearer. Miss Turver to give feedback.
6.4 Cameras – purchase for each class – 20 cameras – Agreed – Friends have already purchased these at the start of
September 2015 for each of the classes – Total Cost Approx £2000
6.5 Summer Fayre to be arranged with a potential family sleepover/camp site.
6.6 First Holy Communion Next Year – A shadow was requested to see what happens this year so we would know
for next time. Lynsey Mcwhirter volunteered.
6.7 Sports day – To be arranged – Discussions of the Friends running a BBQ for funds.
6.8 Security of the school - the fencing between ourselves and St Edwards Middle school and the school entrance –
Mrs Matthews to update at next meeting. There has been much discussion with Mrs Matthews and the Middle
Class Reps – Up to date list to be produced and photos update. All classes have at least 1 rep which is an extremely
positive response. Collette will send this out and is organising the list.
Collette brought the meeting to a close.
Next Friends Meeting Dates:
Wednesday 21 October Christmas Fayre Planning meeting – The Alma Pub – Springfield Rd at 7.30pm
Next Friends Meeting Tuesday 10 November 2015 at 7.30pm
St Edward’s First School, Parsonage Lane, Windsor, SL4 5EN
Friends of St Edward’s
Registered Charity No: 1131010