[Zadajte text] COURSE SYLLABUS: GRAMMAR Teacher: Katarina

Teacher: Katarina Hrubjakova
Email: katarina.hrubjakova@bilgym.sk
Office: Room 11
Group: Freshmen
Blocks: A, B, C, D
Academic Year: 2011/2012
 Practice of all tenses and grammar structures as well as their passive forms
 Mixed tenses exercises
 Correct usage of articles, prepositions and phrasal verbs
 Basic information on verb patterns
 To improve the accuracy while speaking and writing
 To practice all grammar structures
 To be able to analyze the text and explain why the particular tense or structure was used in
the sentence or the whole context
After completing this course, you should feel more confident in speaking and writing, especially using
the whole range of tenses. Your pronunciation should improve and your speech should sound more
naturally. Your understanding of spoken and written language should also improve.
Assessment categories are as follows:
 Non-academic factors + classwork (20%)
Non-academic factors: mostly your active participation and preparation for the lesson will be
evaluated in this category. A short homework will be assigned every lesson. It is strongly
recommended to complete all the assigned tasks. At the end of the block you will bring your
own glossary and binder with handouts and extra materials. The day will be announced in
advance. Classwork includes active participation on assignments in the classroom (e. g.
presentations, pair/group work).
Homework (20%)
It includes long-term assignments and projects. If you fail to submit your homework, you can
bring it to me next day, however, your score will be lowered according to the school rules.
Quizzes (25%)
You will be given 3-4 quizzes each block. You will get notice about quizzes in advance.
Tests (35%)
You can expect at least 2 tests in each block. The exact day will be announced in advance as
Murphy, R. – English Grammar In Use
and supplementary materials
 Attendance and active participation in the class
 All homework exercises are required to be handed in on time
[Zadajte text]
Own glossary – should be handwritten and will be checked at the end of each semester
Book, an exercise book, a binder for all handouts and extra material