Osztályozó vizsga tételsor 9C / B csoport

Osztályozó vizsga tételsor 9C / B csoport
Tankönyv: Solutions Intermediate
1., Memories (Unit 2.)
Vocabulary: feelings
Grammar: narrative tenses, used to
Writing: writing a narrative
2., Nine to Five (Unit 3.)
Vocabulary: the world of work, jobs, workplaces, activities at work
Writing: a job application
3., The Human Body (Unit 4.)
Vocabulary: body parts, organs, idioms, foods, at the doctor
Grammar: past simple present perfect contrast, present perfect continuous
Writing: informal letter
4., Computing. (Unit 5)
Vocabulary: computing, prefixes, environment protection, verb + noun collocations
Grammar: could, may, might, first conditional, future perfect, future continuous
Writing: for and against essay
5. Murder in the Library,. (Unit 6)
Vocabulary: house, garden, crime, myths, phrasal verbs
Grammar: must have, might have, reported speech
Writing: formal letter
6., Relationships. (Unit 7)
Vocabulary: dating, relationships, time expressions, internet relationships, phrasal verbs
Grammar: comparison, second conditional
Writing: reply to an invitation (informal)