Ancient Greece Project

Ancient Greece Projects
You must complete the first three assignments. Once these are complete, you can choose
which assignments from the back side of this sheet that you would like to attempt. By
completing the first three assignments, you’ll only earn 60 points total, so you’ll have to choose
at least one more project assignment to earn beyond a 60.
Project directions are given in detail, but please ask if you need clarification about how to do
anything on this assignment list. Project values are given beside of each project assignment
NOTE – Completing an assignment does not guarantee you earn the points assigned as a value
for that assignment. Simple completion is not what I ask for. The expectation is that the
assignments you complete are completed to the best of your ability and that you turn in high
quality work. If you turn in work that is not of superior quality, you should not expect a
superior grade.
Complete All
From the red Social Studies text, read pages 278-282 and thoroughly answer questions
1-4 on p.282
(Value = 20 points)
Complete “Haves and Have Nots” assignment about the economy of Ancient Greece
(worksheet 34/36)
(Value = 20 points)
Make a timeline of important events from ancient Greek history and include pictures to
illustrate each one. It should contain at least ten significant events and include
illustrations and a title. (NO Internet research allowed on this one!) You can use p.278282 in the red SS book and p.36-41 in the new SS book. In addition, there will be a
section of books from the library made available to you for use on this assignment.
(Value = 20 points)
Project Choices
The following projects will require a bit of research to complete. You may use the books made
available to you from the media center. You can also use as a search engine to
help you find additional information.
Ancient Greece A-Z: This one must be completed with a partner!
Make an ABC book on Ancient Greece. Include an illustration and at least one sentence
to describe the illustration. No references to Greek mythology allowed.
An ABC book should tell one important fact about Ancient Greece for each and every
letter of the alphabet. For example, you might give a bit of information about “Athens”
for the letter A, illustrate the information with a picture, and then move on to letter B.
Your ABC book should be neat and visually appealing.
(Value = 20 points)
Create a presentation on the life of Alexander the Great. It must include 10 significant
facts about his accomplishments and impact on Greek civilization. For each fact you tell
about Alexander the Great, you must also include an appropriate illustration to
accompany that fact.
(Value = 20 points)
Design a newspaper article that gives a detailed account of the first Olympic games. The
article should be written as if it has just happened – as if it is current news.
It must be done on a computer program.
Your newspaper article should include the following:
___A headline
___The date of the event
___A picture and caption
___An interview with a spectator or a participant
___Five paragraphs minimum
___A detailed account of some of the events at the first Olympic games
(Value = 20 points)