Children’s Book Project: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome
Using the information from the WEBQUEST (there are 17 sections, you MUST use at least 10 topics
addressed in the webquest), Lecture notes, videos, Chapter 1 section 1 and 2 to write an original story
that thoroughly describes life in Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. Your story must follow one of the 3
formats listed below. Your story could be handwritten, computer generated or mixed. You could create a
video (see me first) but it must still follow the same format.
Your story must have a 1. Title 2. Names of the authors 3. at least two main characters/objects 4.
Drawings or images on each page.
Optional: Table of Contents, “About the Authors”, Page numbers.
Main Characters
What do they look like?
What do they act like?
How do other characters react to this character?
What is the conflict? In one sentence, describe the conflict the main character will face in your story.
Why does this conflict occur?
How will it be dealt with?