The Event

The Greek Olympics!
Event #6
“Oral Report on the
Legacy of Ancient Greece”
The Event
– Use all of the JAT pages concerning ancient Greece, any
notes you may have taken, Mr. Minnuto’s PowerPoint (found online) as well as
your knowledge of the subject to decide on the most important contributions
that were given to our society by the ancient Greeks. You will be giving an
oral report based on your choice.
The Requirements:
 For each member of your group, choose one contribution that the
ancient Greeks have given us today. For instance, if you have four
members in your group, you will choose four different contributions.
 For each contribution, you will give a 1-2 paragraph oral report to the
class. Each team member is responsible for deciding which contribution
they will report on. You will all report together as a team.
 You can simply read your report aloud or you can memorize it and
present it with just notecards to assist your speech.
 You may also include background pictures or additional materials to
support your case but this is not required. However, it certainly would
enhance your argument and presentation!
Good luck and go for the gold!