Irish Neonatal Ventilation Workshop for Registrars - Wessex

Wessex Neonatal Ventilation Workshop
October 2014
Clinical Skills Department, South Academic Block
Southampton General Hospital
SO16 6YD
This is a practically based course, aimed at individuals who are actively
involved in providing ventilator care to neonates, including Consultants,
Neonatal Nurses, ANNP’s and junior medical staff.
Course Director Dr V Puddy Clinical Lead Southampton Network Lead
South Central Coast.
Lectures to include
Lung physiology and respiratory graphics
Conventional ventilation, trigger and volume modes
Non-invasive ventilation
Ventilation during transport
Chronic lung disease: What’s new?
HFOV & Nitric Oxide
 Ventilator setup, modes of ventilation
 Ventilator strategies, blood gases-Apply theory to practice through
 Volume ventilation
 Humidified High Flow-Current evidence, guidelines
Managing a difficult airway
Only 24 places *
Fee Nurses/ANNPs 30 Pounds Doctors 60 pounds
Chiesi Ltd supports the ventilation workshop through
purchase of exhibition space.
For further interest please contact
In order to register please send a cheque payable to the
SCBU charity to Ian Chapman, Neonatal Unit, Princess Anne
Hospital, Southampton, SO16 5YA and register your place on
the website