Performance Horse Internship Weekly Schedule

Performance Horse Academy Weekly Schedule
24860 N Tully Rd, Acampo, CA 95220 (916) 768–7300
Monday – The Trainers hardest day!
The horses are usually fresh from having a day off. This is usually a
regroup day from a long weekend and now fresh horses. If the trailer is there then it needs to be unhooked,
unpacked, and cleaned. As a wife and mother Monday is a critical personal day that allows me to conduct family
business. I go to town and go to the bank, post office, and grocery store and any other errand or task that must be
done. I often also have office work that must be accomplished on a business day. Each week we will go over a plan
for the week but we will always be planning forward through the following weekend. We will identify the horses that
are priorities and we will tune them according to the venue we are attending.
Tuesday - Lessons and Training.
Wednesday - Lessons and Training.
Thursday - Lessons and Training.
Friday - Lessons and Training. If we are going to a show the trailer needs to be packed and horses bathed and
Saturday - We are either at a show or having a huge lesson day at the ranch.
We are usually showing horses
for sale and can have as many as 20 lessons. Lessons are done as a group from 9am to 12:30 and then we go to
lunch as a group . Following lunch we begin lessons again about 2:00 and there are also Appointments to look at
sale horses.
Sunday - Show or Church.
My family attends a local cowboy church and you are welcome and encouraged to
come. The atmosphere is casual, loving, and nondenominational. 9 -12:30. We like to turn horses out on Sunday if
possible. Rest, Regroup, Clean, Grocery shop, and Do Laundry.
If you need a day off during the week or a weekend off just give me advanced notice so we can plan for it. I am here
to help you and to facilitate your needs so if you need something please just ask.
Various things change during the week. Sometimes we leave earlier in the week for horse shows and there may be
weeknights where we haul to a local practice. We frequent the vet hospital for therapy, x rays, injections, and vet