8th Grade Algebra Course Syllabus

8th Grade Algebra Course Syllabus
Mrs. Hooven
Phone # 863-7202
E-mail: [email protected]
The curriculum for the 8th grade algebra students utilizes mathematical concepts learned in the
6th and 7th grades, while introducing new concepts needed in preparation for high school.
One of the most important aspects of any middle school class is practice. Homework and class
work are assigned to provide this practice; it is essential that all students complete assignments
on time. Keeping up with the pace of the class is the next most important ingredient for success.
Please encourage your son/daughter to seek extra help as soon as something becomes unclear. I
encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns.
TEXT: Algebra I (Glencoe Mathematics)
 To provide students with a foundation of basic skills and operations.
 To master the four content areas as approved by the Kentucky Department of Education,
KCM, and NCM: Number Sense/Computation
Geometry/Measurement ***
Algebraic Ideas
 To develop techniques for problem solving and applying those techniques to a variety of
 To communicate mathematical ideas and information using appropriate notation and
 To recognize, make or apply the connections among mathematical concepts to other
academic disciplines as well as the real world.
***These topics will be covered in the Math Enrichment course
GRADING: Tests: 40%
Quizzes/ORQs: 25%
Homework/Classwork: 25%
Projects: 10%
 Be on time
 Be prepared—have your book, notebook, folder, paper, and pencil with you. You will not be
allowed to go to your locker to get it; you will share with a neighbor.
 Follow directions
 Be respectful—to the teacher, your classmates, and property
 Use appropriate language (this includes vocabulary, tone, voice level, and body language)
 No Gum!!!!!!
 If you are tardy to class, you must sign in on the clipboard by the pencil sharpener. School
policy will be followed for tardies to class.
1. Enter the classroom:
2. Sharpen your pencil
3. Sit down at your seat
4. Copy the agenda from the board
5. Begin the bellringer
6. Review the bellringer
7. Check homework from the previous night and collect
8. Introduce the new lesson/material
9. Time to begin the night’s homework
 When returning to class after an EXCUSED absence, please check the master agenda on the
bookcase by the pencil sharpener, for the daily agendas and assignments missed while
 Please check with a classmate for any notes missed.
 Check your class folder on the wall for any worksheets/handouts.
 One day for make up work is given for each day absent.
 If absent for more than two consecutive days, please call in for missing work so you won’t be
overwhelmed when you return.
 Mark “Absent” on your paper when turning it in.
 SCMS policy for UNEXCUSED absences will apply. Please see your agenda for this.
 SCMS policies and procedures will be followed at all times
 If there is a problem, I will take the following steps (not in any order):
1. Conference with teacher
2. Parent/Guardian contact
3. Conference with parent/guardian
4. Lunch detention
5. Before/after school detention with teacher
6. School detention
7. Office referral
8. Others as necessary
 Rewards are given out throughout the year for positive behaviors
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. My phone number
and e-mail address are listed on the front of this sheet. My planning time is from 2:00 to 3:35
daily. I will try to return your call/e-mail as soon as possible.
Please sign and return ___________________________________________
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