Earth Systems 3209

Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre
Curriculum-linked school programming
7 Conception Bay Highway, CBS 709-834-2099 ext. 203 or 709-693-7180 (cell)
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Earth Systems 3209 – Historical Geology
This program takes place at both the Interpretation Centre and along the river trail.
It is divided into three sections: Talking about Geological Time, Experiencing Geological Time
and Creating Geological Time.
“Talking about Geological Time” takes place in the Exhibits where the students will experience a
virtual tour through the geological history of Manuels River. Some major components will be
defined and explained in this section of the program.
“Experiencing Geological Time” takes place along the downstream portion of the river trail
system. In this section, students will get the opportunity to see, firsthand, the geological
evidence of Manuels River’s history. They will also see some examples of the integral
components previously discussed.
“Creating Geological Time” takes place in the Discovery Room where students will be asked to
work together to recreate the geological history of Manuels River using a timeline model.
Should the weather not be ideal, the program will be adapted and take place entirely in the
Interpretation Centre.
Max. Group Size: 30
Class Fee:
$5.50/student (inc. HST)
Duration: 2.5 hours
Curriculum Links:
215-1 communicate questions, ideas, and intentions, and receive, interpret, understand,
support, and respond to the ideas of others
215-2 select and use appropriate numeric, symbolic, graphical, and linguistic modes of
representation to communicate ideas, plans, and results
215-6 work cooperatively with team members to develop and carry out a plan, and
troubleshoot problems as they arise
332-4 illustrate the geologic time scale and compare to human time scales
332-5 compare and contrast the principles of uniformitarianism and of catastrophism is
historical geology
332-6 explain the appropriate applications of absolute and relative dating
332-7 describe geological evidence that suggest life forms, climate, continental positions, and
Earth’s crust have changed over time
This program is made possible through the support of the Hibernia Management and Development Company Ltd.
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