Name____________________________ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Date

Name____________________________ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Date: ______________
Researching and Presentations on
Geological Time Periods
You and your group will be assigned a specific geological time period or era. It is your responsibility as a
group to thoroughly research this geological time period so you can share your findings with the rest of
the class. You will have 3 days to research and put together a short lesson that will help students
understand any key important events that occurred during the time period you have been assigned.
Part of your research time will need to be spent putting together a lesson on your research topic. You
will be given 10 minutes in class to present your information to the rest of the class. Make sure your
lesson is unique and fun so that other students will learn from the information you have researched but
also enjoy the time you spend teaching them. It is entirely up to you and your group how you want to
present this material to the rest of the class but remember BE CREATIVE!!!
Geological time period/era assigned to my group_____________________________________________
Names of all the members in my group:
Grading Criteria:
Lesson covered relevant material and left students with a good idea of important events that occurred
during the geological time period we researched. (20 Points)
All students in the group are involved with the research and presentation of the material in this lesson.
The geological presentation was also somewhere between ten and fifteen minutes in length. Your group
was very prepared to teach their lesson, when give the opportunity you were ready to start presenting
you material immediately. (15 points)
Lesson presentation included unique interesting ways of presenting the material our group learned. This
will generally involve several different teaching approaches such a learning games, power-point
presentations, relevant pictures and descriptions roleplaying activities, short video game segments, etc.
Remember the way you present your lesson is up to you but the more you involve the class the more
enjoyable t will be for everyone. (15 Points)
Small one pave synopsis paper indicating what you learned during you group research. Each member of
your group should write their own synopsis paper pointing our key areas of research. (20 points)