Geological Timeline Checklist

Geological Time Project Check List
Task: Students will be assigned groups to work together for a geological
journey through the history of our Earth, but more specifically: Connecticut.
You will use the information and the resources you’ve been given to help you
start your journey. You will use internet resources, and some research of your
own to help teach the rest of us what was happening on the planet during your
time period. You will be using your prior knowledge of everything we’ve studied
in science so far this year. You will assign different tasks to each person in the
group, and initial which task everyone has.
□ A summary of the major geological events that occurred during this time
period and specifically what happened to Connecticut, New England,
North America, or your specific location.
Topics of Discussion May Include: Major Geologic Events:
-Mountain Building
-Volcano Building
-Folding / Faulting
-Continental Drift
-Plate Boundaries
-Hot Spots
Period and Time frame
Names of Group Members/ Geologists
Drawings or photos of present day landforms that were formed during
your time period.
Map of what the world, New England, Connecticut, or your specific area
would look like during your time period
Key vocabulary and definitions from your time frame
 Must include a minimum of 5 new vocab words and
A list and pictures of at least five (5) organisms that were alive during
your time period
Boundary diagram of your area, specifically showing how it was formed
(No Glaciers)
Glacial Coverage Map (Glacial Only)
Bibliography (Works Cited Page) of Sources