Soup and Sandwich sign up document

Wawota Parkland School parent,
Did you know?
At least 50% of our schools waste is paper products.
One tonne of recycled paper saves 3700lbs of lumber and 24000 gallons of water.
40% of all waste going to landfills is paper. Cutting down on paper waste will extend the life of
our landfills.
Our Environmental Science 20 class has been working for the better part of two months to
obtain a recycling bin for our school. We have conducted a waste audit, contacted Regens Disposal,
the Town of Wawota, the Southeast Cornerstone School Division and the SCC in search of help to
fund our recycling efforts.
We were disappointed to learn that although the School Division covers the cost of the garbage
bin, they would not help cover the costs of the recycling bin.
With the support of the SCC, we have committed to take it upon ourselves to raise funds to
cover the costs of the recycling bins.
We have decided to host a soup and sandwich and would greatly appreciate your support. If you
would like to help us out by donating items for our soup and sandwich fundraiser please use the
following electronic form (clicking on the link should take you there): Soup and Sandwich Electronic
Donation Form
We thank-you for your support and hope to see you May 14, 2015,
Environmental Science 20 Class
Any questions please contact: Rochelle Friesen at the school
Soup and Sandwich
Date: May 14th 2015
Location: Wawota Parkland School Gym
Time: 11:30-1:00 PM
Costs: $8.00 per person