Reinforcement Schedules Practice With Answers

Practice exercises for identifying schedules of reinforcement:
For each example below identify the schedule of reinforcement: Fixed ration
(FR), variable ratio (VR), fixed interval (FI), or variable interval (VI). (answers
1.____ You get paid once every two weeks.
2.____ A worker is paid $12 for every 100 envelopes stuffed.
3. ____ Slot machines at casinos pay off after a variable number of plays.
4. ____ Students are released from class when the end-of-period bell rings.
5. ____ A fly fisherman casts and reels back his line several times, on average every
10 times, before catching a fish.
6. ____ You get a nickel for every soda can that you return.
7. ____ Every time you buy a sandwich you get your card punched; after 10 punches
you get a free sandwich.
8. ____ A car salesman who gets a commission on each sale.
9. ____ Getting a small increase in your hourly wage every 6 months.
10. ____ Every so often you like to surprise your spouse with something nice.
11. ____ Matt gets a hit on average every 3 times he is at bat (sometimes a little more
often, sometimes less).
1. FI
2. FR
3. VR
4. FI
5. VR
6. FR
7. FR
8. FR
9. FI
10. VI
11. VR