Lunch Menu - Landmark Hotel

Soup of the Day, €4.95
Freshly made today & served with homemade brown bread
Sandwich, €6.00 Your choice of freshly made sandwich
Baked ham
Breast of chicken
Classic egg mayonnaise
Tuna mayo
Sandwich Combo with a Cup Soup, €7.75
Sandwich Combo with a Bowl Soup, €8.75
Herb Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich €10.00
with organic greens, hot house tomato, cheddar cheese and red
onion with tomato relish
Tuna Salad Sandwich, €9.00
with baby spinach, chilli glazed mango, sweet pea shoots on grill
basil scented loaf
Toasted Caprese Panini (V), €9.50
Beef tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto, balsamic reduction
Traditional BLT, €9.50
oak smoked bacon, sliced beef steak tomato, peppered leaves on
toasted ciabatta
Honey Roast Ham Wrap, €7.00
with emmental cheese, shaved mango and pineapple in a lemon
scented wrap with pommery mustard aioli.
All sandwiches to be served with a mini basket of fries!
Aroma’s Afternoon Tea
Ideal to Share! €22.00
Served daily from 3pm to 5pm
A delicious selection of open & closed sandwiches,
with Chef’s daily selection of desserts & scones
served with preserve & cream
Teriyaki Salmon Salad €8.50/€11.50
marinated flaked salmon, egg noodles, pak choi and sweet soya dressing
Caesar Salad with fried spiced chicken, €8.50/€11.50
smoked bacon lardons, sourdough croutons and aged parmesan.
Warm Crêpes €5.50
Filling of your choice, chocolate nutella and lemon curd.
Warm apple and rhubarb crumble €5.00
served with crème anglaise
Landmark Eton Mess €5.00
Homemade sticky toffee pudding, €5.00
Butterscotch sauce with salted caramel ice-cream
Landmark Chocolate Platter €7.50
Chocolate fondant, opera cake, chocolate ganache tart
with brownie ice cream
Something a little lighter
Warm Chocolate Brownie (G) €6.00
Scones: plain or fruit, €2.75
Croissants: plain, €2.75
Croissants: almond €3.20
Muffin, €2.50
Toast or croissant with preserves & tea or coffee, €5.75
Sweet treats from the display
Landmark homemade desserts, €4.50
Selection of ice-cream, €5.95
Please ask your server for today’s selections
Regular coffee
Hot Chocolate
Juice of the day
Large Coffee €3.95 Decaf Coffee €2.95
Large Cappuccino €3.95 Latte
Double Espresso €3.95 Mocca
Ultimate Hot Choco €3.95 Frappucino €3.95
Fine selection of teas: €2.95
Traditional English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, Selection of Fruit & Herbal Tea
Cranberry, Peppermint, Green tea, Red berry, Camomile, Rooibos
Vina Tinajas Sauvignon Blanc. Chile €22.50 bottle/ €5.80 glass
A vibrant fruity expression of a Sauvignon Blanc with succulent flavours of
grapefruit and citrus paired with aromatic notes of herbs and freshly cut grass
Amor Vini Pinot Grigio. Italy €25.00 bottle/ €6.50 glass
A popular Italian wine with a straw yellow colour with a crisp and fruity taste
Vina Tinajas Cabernet Sauvignon. Chile €22.50 bottle / €5.80 glass
This medium bodied wine has a nice acidity for a juicy fruit driven palate
with succulent flavours of black and red currants
Fossil Bay Shiraz, Australia €29.00 bottle / €6.95 glass
This is a full-bodied wine with vibrant berry and plum on both the nose and
Rosé €25.00 bottle/ €6.50 glass
Santa Rosa. California
This Napa Valley rose is bursting with juicy strawberry undertones
and ripe fruit flavours
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