Assignment - Auburn School District

SWBAT research and evaluate the ingredients in energy drinks.
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What’s in Your EnErgY Drink?
Directions: pick two (2) energy drinks from the list below. You will research the first 6 ingredients that are listed on the
nutrition label, and will record your findings in the chart below. Be prepared to share your findings with the class. You
will also record information about different energy drinks that your classmates researched in the chart below.
Energy Drink Options:
Full Throttle, …lost Energy Drink, Red Bull, Lo-Carb Monster, Monster Khaos Energy Juice, Rockstar, Rockstar Juiced
Energy + Guava, Monster Java Monster, Energize Mandarin + Mint, Full Throttle Blue Demon, Amp, NOS, Bawls, 5 Hour
Energy, Mountain Dew MDX, RELOAD, Street King, Vault, Jolt Cola
If there is an energy drink that you are familiar with, but is not listed, you may research it.
Name of Energy Drink
First 6 Ingredients
Pro’s of Ingredients
Con’s of Ingredients
Answer the following questions after you have completed the chart above.
1. Who do you think is the target market for energy drinks? Given the pros and cons found in your investigation, Is
this an appropriate market?
SWBAT research and evaluate the ingredients in energy drinks.
2. What marketing strategies do they use?
3. Which ingredients were of health concern to teenagers or pregnant females? Why?
4. What are your feelings about energy drinks after researching your brand? Explain your answer.
5. What might be a healthier option instead of energy drinks? Give 3 examples.