Then…. I suggest attend our cooking class.

Healthy Cooking Memories
gives you the chance to
 learn basic cooking skills,
 experiment and have fun,
 taste your creations
without waste
Food is Life, Love and Connectedness.
Experiment, Taste and Share lasting loving memories with your family
Do You…..
Do you wonder how to
Go back to basics of healthy eating, without the stress of being a Master
Eat for health, reduce inflammation, and feed your body and not just
your taste buds?
Experiment with ingredients without the cost?
Then…. I suggest attend our cooking class.
In exchange for your interest in self care, you will receive
 A set of the recipes & ALL the ingredients to use
 Help so you can learn what to do with these ingredients
 Instruction of how to put ingredients together to make a scrumptious body feeding dishes
 What is in the ingredients that make them so fantastic
1 Session: Wednesday 20 November 10.00am – 12.30pm
$35.00 (Includes all ingredients and recipes)
Islington Baptist Church Kitchen 180 Maitland Rd Islington
An apron and containers to take extra food home.
Dietitian Contact Details: 0425 327 199 l Bookings
Hosted by Health Eats Clinic
Mayfield Medical Connection
55 Hanbury St Mayfield 2304
Ph 4968 2157