Biology A Can of Bull?

Name: _____________________________________________________
A Can of Bull?
Period: _______
Based on our discussion, list ways we can test energy drinks. You will be picking one of these ways.
Read the ingredients list for the 8 energy drinks. Fill out the table with an alphabetical listing of the
drinks and the number of ingredient in each category.
Energy Drink
Sugar #
Amino acid @
Vitamin ~
Stimulant &
Herb Supp. =
Preserve $
Taste +
Symbol notation:
# sugar is converted to ATP, helps make glycogen
@ improves reaction time, concentration, and memory
~ helps metabolism, cell growth, healing
& improves memory
= helps improve memory, reaction time, healing
$ helps stay fresh, preserve taste
+ improves taste of drink
Define ATP: ____________________________________________________________________
List 4 ingredients that make energy (ATP): ____________________________________________
List 5 ingredients that improve reaction time: __________________________________________
List 4 ingredients that help with metabolism: __________________________________________
Experiment: Now you will decide which way you will test the effectiveness of the energy drinks.
Briefly describe below how you would test which energy drink is the best. You have to test all 8
energy drinks, have a control group, and be able to get quantitative data.
Problem: To determine ____________________________________________________________
Hypothesis: Write a hypothesis about which energy drink will be most effective.
Data: Get data from your teacher and make a data table below. List the energy drinks in
alphabetical order with your control listed last. Then, graph your data on graph paper. Remember
the TASTE method.
1. What is your control group? ___________________________________________________
2. What is the independent variable? ______________________________________________
3. What is the dependent variable? ________________________________________________
4. What are the controlled variables (List 3) __________________________________________
5. Which energy drink was most effective? __________________________________________
6. Was your hypothesis correct? Why? _____________________________________________