Annual IEP Goals Bank

Possible Annual IEP Goals with Supporting Objectives Bank
To see numerous ideas for possible annual IEP goals along with suggested supporting
objectives, go to the following website:
This resource from the state of Oregon has numerous suggestions for goals in twelve
areas which include both academic and functional skills. Their goals and objectives are
not written with the required six critical elements which Ohio’s Office for Exceptional
Children requires. Therefore, their examples will have to be modified by you to include
the required elements.
IEP Goals and Objectives Bank (PDF) - This 177 page document will assist both parents
and professionals in forming goals for students of all ages. When you are viewing the
“Table of Contents” you can immediately go to a desired goal area by putting the cursor
on the area and clicking.
The twelve areas with possible goals and supporting objectives are presented in:
Goal Areas
Functional Academics
Independent Living
Mathematics Readiness
Recreation and Leisure
Self-Management and Daily Living
Social Emotional
Speech and Language
Study Skills
Vocational Career Education