Conducting Collaborative IEP`s

Conducting Collaborative IEP’s:
Ensuring You’re in Compliance!
Make sure that the IEP is STUDENT CENTERED
Adhere to Time Lines (Site Admin. Monitor Dates Using EasyIEP)
o Meeting Scheduled 40/60 days out
o Parent contact made by case carrier and written meeting invitation mailed
o 2nd Notice at 10/15 days
o 3rd notice at 5 days followed up by phone call (document)
Parent, Teacher, and Administration Participation
o Case carrier draft IEP – (7/10 days ahead)
o Provide draft copies to site administration, general ed. and special ed.
o Send draft for input/review
Required Team Members (attend the entire IEP)
o Parent
o Administrator or Designee
o Gen. Ed Teacher
o Special Ed Teacher (knowledgeable)