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Annual IEP meeting
Student name: ___________________________________________
Date: _____________________________________________________
1. Introduction of team members
2. Purpose of meeting
3. Progress reporting on current IEP goals and objectives and Present Levels
What are the student’s strengths and interest?
What are the student’s unique needs that result from disability?
How do these needs affect the child’s participation and progress in the
general curriculum?
What are the parent’s concerns for the education of their child?
4. Development of new IEP goals
5. Service Time
How much service time is needed for student to be successful?
What is student missing while receiving pull out services?
6. Classroom Modifications and Accommodations
7. Other areas to consider
Testing (district wide testing and state testing)
Extended School Year
Assistive Technology
Services for nonacademic and extracurricular activities
8. Questions/Comments
9. Medical Assistance
Thank-you for coming.