Testable Questions

Testable Questions
1. ___
Does the type of liquid affect how fast an ice cube melts?
2. ___
Does the amount of Mentos affect the heights of the pop explosion? (surface tension)
3. ___
Does the type of liquid given to a plant affect its growth?
4. ___
Does changing the size of a paper airplane affect how far it flies?
5. ___
Does the type of paper affect how far an airplane will fly?
6. ___
Does the type of liquid affect how much a penny will corrode in 5 minutes.
7. ___
Does the type of liquid affect how fast a nail will corrode?
8. ___
How does the type of light affect a plants growth?
9. ___
Do artificial sugar attracts ants?
10. ___
What effect does temperature have on the strength of different types of magnets?
11. ___
What is the effect of increased or decreased oxygen a plant receives?
12. ___
Does the direction seeds are planted affect the plants growth?
13. ___
Is there an effect on evaporation on evaporation rates when forming crystals from sugar and
sugar substitutes?
14. ___
Does the length of the wire affect the power in the circuit?
15. ___
What materials provide the best insulation?
16. ___
Which electromagnet design is the strongest? (series vs parallel)
17. ___
Which material is the best to keep heat it?
18. ___
Does temperature affect the life of a battery?
19. ___
What material filters oily water the best? (Using evaporation)
20. ___
Will more air inside a basketball make it bounce higher?
21. ___
Does the thickness of a wire affect the power of a circuit?
22. ___
Does an earthworm react to light, partly shade, or darkness?
23. ___
Does surrounding affect an insects eating habits? (blue, red, white)
24. ___
What is the effect of different amounts of chlorine on plant growth – large amount, small
amount, none.
25. ___
What is the effect of different amount of air movement on plant growth?
26. ___
Do ants prefer artificial sweetener, natural sugar or hard candy?
27. ___
What is the effect of a magnet field on plant growth?
28. ___
How does the temperature of a tens ball affect the height of its bounce?
29. ___
Which increases your heart rate more? Walking up and down stairs of stair master?
30. ___
Given the same amount of water, how does the pot size affect the amount of time it takes for
water to boil?
31. ___
Does the color of a shirt affect the amount of heat it absorbs?
32. ___
Which stays fresher longer? Organic or non-organic fruit?
33. ___
Can people use their sense of hearing alone to tell apart a penny, nickel, dime and quarter?
34. ___
Can blindfolded people tell the difference between tap water and bottle water?
35. ___
How does increasing a ramp affect the a distance a ball with roll?
36. ___
Which kind of gum keeps its flavor the longest? (sugar-free or regular)
37. ___
Does having worms in soil help plants grow faster?
38. ___
How does talking on a cell phone or listening to music affect your reaction time?
39. ___
How does temperature affect a magnet?
40. ___
How does changing the shape of rockets fins change its flight?
41. ___
Does the sun heat salt water and fresh water at the same rate?
42. ___
What is the best insulator to keep ice from melting?
43. ___
Does the color of the feeder affect the amount of birds it attracts?