The Project

Mauritius Annual Seminar
22 August 2014
Regional integration:
Creating value
One of the most integrated and sustainable
cane-cluster in Africa
Projects in line with
Projects in line with strategy
• Export our cane eco-industrial cluster model to Africa:
Sugar and energy project in Kenya – KISCOL
Exploring opportunities in Ghana - sugar and energy
• Increase production of renewable energy:
Joint venture with Mecamidi to develop hydro-electrical plants in
East Africa – Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya
• Vertical integration – tap into value addition in Africa:
Developing synergies with The Real Good Food plc bringing high
value added products and brands in Africa
Kenya – Advantages and Opportunities
• Stable government
• Matured economy compared to other Eastern African
• Rising middle-income population
• Good financing network
• Sugar deficit of about 200,000 tonnes
The Project
Set up of a farm, sugar mill and power generation plant in Kwale
• Nucleus farm
5,500 ha
• Outgrowers
4,000 ha
• Sugar Factory
3,000 TCD
• Power generation plant 18 Mw
• Strategic local partner – Pabari Group
Projects in Africa
Small Hydro-electric Projects in Africa
JV – Omnicane/Mecamidi
Hydro-electric Projects being explored
• Small hydro electric projects across east Africa
• Uganda – 1 project - 8.5 Mwh
• Rwanda – 3 projects - 6.5 Mwh
• Kenya – 3 projects - 15 Mwh
East African countries – Advantages and
• Countries are business friendly – existence of DTAs
• Significant energy requirements
• Attractive financing schemes available for clean
• Improving infrastructure
• Mauritian government backing (eg: equity
participation in some projects)
• Language
Challenges in Africa
• Some countries are land-locked
• Connectivity
• Financing
• Talents
• Cultural differences – business and social
• Health issues?
• Security/Terrorism
Bringing value added
products and brands
in Africa
The Real Good Food plc
Omnicane – Real Good Foods Limited UK
• RGFL owns the largest independent non-refining
distributor of sugar in Europe
• The company is also the supplier of bakery
ingredients and a manufacturer of sweet bakery
products for a range of major retail customers
• Its brands includes:
Strategic Positioning
• Sugar value addition strategy
• A strategic alliance with a sugar partner in the EU
market to partner Omnicane in marketing sugar in
• Benefit from synergies for a win-win situation